Dear Denet followers! We have not published our news recently. Many things happened in this difficult for cryptocurrencies time: our team became stronger and we continue working despite market fluctuations. Our focus is b2b segment now.

As you remember in 2018 we started implementing Denet.Box in one of the TAIF Group plants.

You can start small; for example, make profit on traffic, processor and free disk space of your computer.

Mysterium and Privatix

Do not switch your modem off at night, and these services will be able to sell unused Internet traffic to companies, providing VPN or CDN services. Users that need various IP addresses for business may also employ the network bandwidth.



Anyone can help science. All you need is to rent free processor powers out. The companies need them for performing complicated calculations, i.e. studying of alien life, analysis of asteroids or finding cures to serious diseases.


We pay for that we use free disc space of your devices and store files of other users on them. Join us!

To keep data in the cloud is convenient, but sometimes may be expensive or just dangerous. We picked up four types of work for which DeNet is best to use.

Video director

Working with video requires large storages. Video footages of a single project may exceed tens of gigabytes, and this is apart from editing versions and additional files. Someone pays for the cloud, another — uploads everything to hard drives, buying and buying terabytes. DeNet allows to keep video relatively inexpensive — several times cheaper than in well-known cloud services.


Clients are a freelancer’s main concern, as well as safe storage of clients’ data, obviously. Archives, transactions, databases, accesses and passwords to customers’ services… If it flies somewhere away or is “accidentally” indexed by a search engine, you…

We are going to talk about current results of the development, conditions of token sale that starts on October 1st, 2018, and our future plans.

One year has passed since we stepped on DeNet path. Do you remember how in 2017 we launched the first version of http distributed hosting —

We worked hard to achieve the goals we specified in RoadMap during this year. And this is what we have by now:

- Own Ethereum Testnet
- Micro-payments on blockchain
- Updated smart-contracts of tasks
- Own protocol of communication between nodes
- Beta-version of DeNet.Storage data storage that is anonymous, safe and cheap —

Each member of a network can upload his data to a distributed network of miners: DeNet.Storage. Registration…

We at DeNet develop a service for data storage that provides anonymity of each member of the community and reserves his right of privacy —

We make every effort to make data storage private, secure and accessible to all:

- we do not ask personal data and even an email address upon registration of an account;

- we use private keys and ECDSA digital signatures;

- we encrypt and distribute information between multiple independent hubs;

- we provide security via a blockchain-technology.

Join us to test a pre-beta version of DeNet.Storage right now and to become part of a global community.

Create an account at The system will generate a unique private key for you at the time of registration. Copy it and keep…

Download our app and earn DNET tokens. You need a PC with 256 Mb RAM and internet with a speed of 1 mbit/s minimum. The application is designed for use on Linux and Mac OS.

Join us, earn on free capacities of your computer and become part of international DeNet community —!

1. Today there are about 4 billion computers with 500 Exabyte of free space in the world. If these volumes are written to 64 GB flash drives, one can lay a road to the Moon.

2. A gap between a read/write head and a flat magnetic disc is only 10 nanometers. For comparison: a width of a human hair is about 50,000 nanometers.

3. Google viewed their files that are stored at 100,000 hard drives in a data-processing center. The company revealed that drives’ service life gradually reduces at a temperature over 45°C and below 30°C, while 40°C is quite comfortable for them.

4. When you delete old files from a hard drive, you actually delete only indicators in a file allocation table. A file is deleted when new information is written over it. …

At DeNet we do our best to make the storage of information private, safe and accessible to all. DeNet develops a technology that will let mobilize and efficiently use excess capacities of existing IT-infrastructure on a global scale.

Millions of personal computers their owners use rarely or do not use to the full capacity can be used for data storage.

We launched the alpha version of the application for renting free space on the computer.

Today there are about 4 billion computers with over 500 Exabyte of free space in the world. If all those capacities are placed on USB flash drives of 64 gigabyte each, one can lay a road to the Moon!

DeNet suggests to more rationally use these resources. …

DeNet company resolves the issue of storage of large amount of data in environmentally responsible way, providing unprecedented level of information security.

What will happen when the disk space runs out?

Within 5 years world amount of information stored in data centers will reach a critical size of 1.3 ZB. This is, for example, 7 billion seasons of “Game of Thrones” series in HD-quality or 54 billion Wikipedia-s.

When there will be too much information, there will be no space to keep it — we will be forced to build a new infrastructure. It will entail significant growth of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in atmosphere. Meanwhile, today data centers are already comparable with aircraft industry by scale of carbon dioxide air pollution.

Using capacities to the maximum

There are some 4 billion computers in the…

We are tired indeed, of omnipresent tracking and gathering of personal information, so it has to stop someday.

Our team is developing services, which will help us to break free from marketers and tons of target ads in Internet — we will bring back privacy to the Internet, starting from the data storage. All information in DeNet could be stored in an encrypted form, while there is no administrator the data of each site is controlled only by the clients.

But this is not the end — we will go further, opening possibilities to host sites and decentralized applications over DeNet network.

DeNet Pro

DeNet changes a habitual view on data storage. DeNet develops a technology that will let mobilize and use excess capacities of existing IT-infrastructure.

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