4 professions that need DeNet

To keep data in the cloud is convenient, but sometimes may be expensive or just dangerous. We picked up four types of work for which DeNet is best to use.

DeNet Pro
DeNet Pro
Oct 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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Video director

Working with video requires large storages. Video footages of a single project may exceed tens of gigabytes, and this is apart from editing versions and additional files. Someone pays for the cloud, another — uploads everything to hard drives, buying and buying terabytes. DeNet allows to keep video relatively inexpensive — several times cheaper than in well-known cloud services.


Clients are a freelancer’s main concern, as well as safe storage of clients’ data, obviously. Archives, transactions, databases, accesses and passwords to customers’ services… If it flies somewhere away or is “accidentally” indexed by a search engine, you may get a claim from a dissatisfied client. A decentralized storage, such as DeNet ;), can insure against it.

Small business owners

As soon as small business starts acquiring employees, data storage organization is required. Everything is taken into account — from agreements and certificates of completion of works to concepts and marketing analyses. You may (and have to!) keep part of it at hand or in services for project management, but some archives are needed only once per year or even — only before selling of business. DeNet helps organize archives securely encrypting them.

Intelligence officers

Who else but intelligence officers need a reliable “cloud”? Maps, photographs, videos, audio recordings from wiretapping, tickets to secret flights… My excuses, the author always dreamt of becoming a spy:) In one way or another, data encryption and absolute anonymity — all those are provided only by DeNet.

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