Why reviews are so important?

DeNet is targeting at building an alternative version to traditional cloud storages — decentralized DeNet Storage. We have launched an upgraded pre-beta version in July and offered everyone to test it.

You can store anything here: photos, docs, personal and commercial information. Nobody can get access to your information or use it.

We got many positive reviews from our colleagues –developers, advisers and partners. For example:

“This is the best thing that I’ve ever seen” — this is what Vasiliy Sumanov, one of our first advisers, said when he tried DeNet.Storage for the first time. Vasiliy is a Token sale expert, a #blockchain-analyst, researcher and developer of digital assets circulation systems. Apart from that, he is a creator of economic and business models for a number of blockchain-#startups. Vasiliy joined #DeNet team in October 2017 and was the lead developer of DeNet token circulation system.

Common users, who is far from technologies, had a different reaction. And this is important for us. We got some comments and ideas about functional and design.

Our developing team has been working on service upgrade for a month. We will be ready soon to show a new version of the DeNet.Storage.

Test DeNet.Storage here (https://storage.denet.pro/) (it is fast and anonymous), load there any files, and try to sort or delete it.

And, please, give us a feedback on #Telegram Channel (https://t.me/denet_chat). We would be glad to read it there!