Why text driven development looks crazy and interesting

Someone would ask,why the test before the actual logic when the test should be based on the logic? getting into it shades some light on essence of the same as you role out the project.

I have realized that this approach is a valid one it helps open upon all the logic that should be captured the actual action and work on the logic of the applications. It also helps in realizing fundamental necessities that are key drivers in laying out the actual back-end logic of the whole development process and ease the app development.

The feature of Test Driven Development is largely guided on the principle of capturing the full operation of the application before the actualizing on the application real performance and operation. On the other hand it may look crazy in the sense that; how do you test what you don’t have it so far? This is a point where individuals getting introduced to the approach may tend to develop such feeling.

I being among those who are getting introduced to the approach, i was not not left out in the pool of mixed feeling. With time as you get the sense then one other side of the feeling and the real test on the importance of the TDD approach come up clearly. Therefore i would encourage anyone who is getting introduced to the Test Driven Development to manage well the temptation of there feelings as the sense comes after the attempt and learning.