Setting up Laravel 5 on OSX

I’m a PHP noob. I know HTML, CSS and some Javascript. Finally, I decided I need to jump on the bandwagon and start creating web applications. The issue was, I don’t know any sort of backend development to make an application come to life. After studying several languages, I thought Python might be the one to learn with such high popularity. I downloaded PyCharm and got a little ways into it and said fuck that. It wasn’t visual enough for me to absorb. I decided to go back to web development and mess around with PHP. Working with after a while, I was able to create my first CRUDapplication that simply created and deleted contact information for people. I was hell yeah, I can build whatever I want now. Wrong. But, it was good starting point. I need PHP to be easier and faster if I ever want to create anything without a team of developers. I knew frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation and thought there has to be some out there for PHP. Sure enough, I stumbled across an MVCframework known as Laravel.

So what does Laravel do for me? Makes shit easy, that’s what. I started messing with the model views and the beautiful dynamic content and simplicity to create and connect to databases. Don’t forget migrations and authentication it provides. It made me feel like a hero of web development. Getting Laravel on my local macbook pro was a few step process that hopefully one day I will remember.

1. Download Composer

You have to have composer. It’s a must to download laravel. So open terminal and paste this in

curl -sS | php

Let it run until you get a product key, then your done.

2. Create a laravel project

In terminal run..
composer create-project laravel/laravel ProjectName — prefer-dist

This will create a project in the user directory folder

3. cd into your repository

Basically, this just tells the command prompt that you want to work out of this folder. In the terminal, run…

cd FirstProject

4. On your mark, get set, start your server

One of the coolest things about laravel is that it has a built-in server. Pretty sweet right? In terminal type…
php artisan serve

and navigate your browser to http://localhost:8000 to see the laravel welcome page

Pretty simple but it helps to memorize it. Get your projects started quicker and be more productive.