Regarding the new developments and advancement of our platform, We have decided to migrate from our old contract address( on Binance Smart Chain due to improvements made on our token contract codes.

All previous BSC holders would receive exactly the same amount on the new BSC contract address. No need to do anything…. Sit back and receive your new token version!!!.

We are entering the polygon space. Faster than BSC and lower transaction fees. After long consideration of our Nftified content Dapp().

New BSC Contract Address:

Polygon Contract Address:


Telegram Channel & Updates: nftpdates


As we know, Denhive is the first social media platform for NFTified contents looking to provide a profitable space for both content creators and social users.

After months of dedication and hard work on this project, we are finally ready to commence the next phase according to our Roadmap.


In addition to our recent airdrop, we the Denhive community have decided to launch a small campaign for our active users and supporters.


Event 1 :

2,500 DHE would be rewarded to meme participants.

How to Participate

  1. Retweet this post.
  2. Tag at least…

After so many thoughtful preparations and development we have finally decided to establish our main purpose in the crypto community.
The Denhive platform has decided to reward the community with 50,000 DHE for all their support and contribution in promoting this project.


Contest will commence on the…

Right on time for the big News, Denhive is launching its very first game contest. We are rewarding the DEFI & Crypto Space with 20,000 $ DHE tokens. Be one of our lucky 50 winners today!!!

1st prize → 3,000 $DHE

2nd prize → 2,000 $DHE

3rd prize → 1,000…

We are launching our first Defi news reward campaign which is going to pave way for our decentralized application.
Denhive users can now earn DHE for each Defi news read daily.

There shall be multiple campaigns for the Denhive news rewards event. This first campaign accounts a reward…

Right on time for the big News, our website and airdrop v1 is Live. We are rewarding the DEFI & Crypto Space with 10,000,000 $ DHE tokens.

Each participants will receive 100 $ DHE(worth $20).

For referrers, the Top 5 Referrals will receive 2500 $DHE , 2000 $DHE ,1,500 $DHE, 1,000 $DHE and $500 $DHE respectively.

Next Top 40 Referrals will receive 200 $ DHE each.


1. Visit Our Content Site
2. Follow us on Twitter
3. Retweet Airdrop Post on our Twitter Page.
4. Join Our Telegram Chat and Telegram Updates Channel
5. Follow us on Medium (optional)
6. Fill Form
7. Refer Your Friends (optional)

Website(Read News & Quality Contents):

Telegram Channel & Updates:



Its begins Now…

Denhive comes bearing gifts and good news. Denhive is the first SumNews decentralized protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Denhive is here to reward users who follow up with news updates and content activities. Enjoy News and also earn some passive crypto income along the way. Denhive is here to keep…


Denhive, a decentralized Scoial Media platform to promote NFTs by NFTified content built on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Chain

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