4 Unforgettable Hiking Tours in Bali

Bali hiking tours are an experience that not many tourists have. And it’s a shame!

As the island gets more popular and accessible than ever, “tourist zones” have begun to emerge. More than gorgeous beaches and incredibly low prices, Bali offers charming little villages, rich and immersive cultural experiences and of course mountains. So don’t limit yourself to the beach. There is so much more! From towering volcanos to hidden waterfalls, hot springs, and secluded, serene Buddhist temples, there are so many treasures to be discovered.

Beautiful Mount Batur

How do you truly soak up the scenery? You hike. There is nothing quite like a sunrise trek to Mount Batur, where the sky explodes in pink, and red, and orange hues, as the valley stretches under your dangling sore feet. And what should we say about mount Agung, the sacred mount where the man comes to meet the skies? These can only be experienced through hiking.

Hiking — a unique way to discover Bali

So here are our recommendations on Bali hiking tours that go beyond the beach&drinks cliché and leave wonderful and unique memories.

Ever wanted to go to a real volcano? Mount Batur is one of the most popular ‘hills’ to climb on Bali, both for the stunning views, and because the hike itself is not that hard. Here are a few highlights of this tour you will certainly love:

It starts in the early afternoon and gets you to the summit just in time for the sunrise. It’s an easier hike, popular even with more chill travelers, that still won’t mind climbing through the night (spoiler alert: it’s worth it).

Once you get to the top there are snacks. You get bananas, tea, and eggs boiled over the volcanic steam. I mean, how cool is that — food prepared with the steam of an actual volcano!

The descent will be your time to relax from the climb, but you will also get to explore the volcanic landscape. Your guide will even show you the sites of the most recent lava flows!

There is a coffee plantation trip to enjoy after the hike. You get to sip some fresh, locally produced java for free, or get some for your friends back home (trust me, people like coffee better than souvenirs).

Mount Agung is a challenge. Those 3000 meters aren’t going to climb themselves, but the experience is truly rewarding. The summit is not only impressive in its sheer hugeness, but it also has a deep spiritual significance to Balinese people. The Besakih Temple is a mother temple where your tour will start from. At night, it is quiet and mysterious and as you leave it behind you will begin to feel that deep connection with the spirit of this place.

The stunning Besakih temple

What is so special about this trip? You will be hiking through the night. This is 6 hours of walking a steep path and at first, it might seem intimidating. While it is probably the most demanding of the hiking tours, hiking mount Agung is truly a meditation and mindfulness experience. You will notice as your legs grow tired how your mind gets cleaner. Maybe there is some truth in the Balinese legends about Agung…

Mount Abang is Bali’s undiscovered gem. Unlike Agung and Batur, significantly fewer tourists hike Mt. Abang. Even second or third time Bali visitors will be surprised at what they have been missing out on.

Mount Abang is easier to climb than Agung but higher than Batur. It gives you a breathtaking view of the coastline, the mountainous landscape and the serenity of the clouds as the sun emerges. Your path will go through the jungle, and you know what they say, a jungle lives a life of its’ own. The whole hike gives you a sense of unity with nature, that so hard to find in our day and age. Plus, there are some seriously #instagood spots!

Unlike South Bali, the North of the island is still largely unexplored by travelers. We love this tour because it gives you a very special and authentic experience of the region. You start off at nearby Java where the actual hiking happens . Or you could just have some chill out time and prepare for the next day. Then it’s time to explore North Bali. Make sure to go to bed early, the next morning you are leaving at 3:30AM to go see the sunrise from Mt. Ijen. Some of the amazing things you will enjoy during the tour are:

The gorgeous, milky blue volcanic lakes of Mount Ijen. Perfect for taking some truly stunning photos!

The opportunity to explore Java.

The Banjar hot springs — a favorite among locals and tourists alike!

The Banjar Hot Springs

Have you done any hiking tours in Bali? What are some Bali experiences you think everybody should include in their program?

Share them in the comments to help fellow travelers!



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