What Eye Shadow for Which Eye Color? — Our tips

When it comes to make-up, many women are very unsure what colors they are. When choosing colors, you should be guided by several factors. There would be on the one hand the hair color, secondly the clothes and last but still the eye color. There are, however, no very clear guidelines, because there are certainly also women who face eyeshadows in colors, which do not really fit to their eye color.

The following guidelines are only for guidance purposes, if you are very unsure about the appropriate colors. Often, it also depends on the complexion, whether an eyeshadow looks pretty or not

What eyeshadow for which eye color? — Our tips

Eye makeup with green eyes

Women with green eyes are especially mauve tones in all possible variants such as violet, pink or plum. In order to provide an intense look, you should best grasp pudgy nuances in plum or pink. Purple is the complementary color to green, so the green is so beautiful to the advantage.

Secrets of Eye Makeup

To create a beautiful color reflex , you can still pull a dark green eyeliner . For the evening it may turn out to be somewhat more conspicuous, preferably with a dark eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye, for example navy, gray or dark plum, which makes the eyes look so radiant. Or you put on Smokey Eyes .

If you prefer natural shades, green eyes can also emphasize well with red brown or copper.

“These colors match green eyes:

· Mauve-tones (violet, pink, plum)

· Red brown

· Copper

Avoid this color:

Blue should be avoided if possible. Although there are some women with green eyes, but this color does not intensify the green of the eyes, the eye make up seems rather bland.

Eyes make up on blue eyes

The optimal color for blue eyes would be orange, because that is the complementary color. However, this bright color is too much for women, it is most suitable for an intense party make-up. A more discreet alternative is Apricot. This color gives a fresh look and provides radiant eyes.

Light blue eyes can best be displayed with darker nuances, for example with navy blue, dark gray or black. The emphasis should be on the outer corner of the eye. Mascara is an absolute must, so that the look looks beautifully intense.

“These colors fit blue eyes:

· Orange / apricot

· Dark gray / black

· pink

· Gold / gold brown

· Braunts

· copper

· coral

· bronze

· Navy blue

Avoid this color:

Absolutely avoid green-blue, because this color would make your view look murky.

Eye Make Up with light brown eyes

If you are blessed with light brown eyes, you are a real lucky fan, because you can hardly do anything wrong with the colors. In light brown eyes, all colors seem to be optimal, here everyone can put on their favorite colors. It is important, however, that you choose rather strong colors, because bright nuances make your eyes look much too bland.

You can intensify your eyes by pulling an eyelid in black or dark brown on the upper eyelash wreath and then using volume mascara. Even if you can wear anything with light brown eyes, there are some colors that are particularly suitable for your light brown eyes.

These colors match light brown eyes:

· Blue-gray

· gold

· orange

· khaki

· Braunts

Eye Make Up with dark brown / black eyes

Even if you would think that dark colors would create rather bright colors for a nice contrast, however, the opposite is the case. You can emphasize dark brown to black eyes especially with navy blue, a dark plum, black, brown and dark gray. This gives the glamor look .

For dark eyes, you should be more likely to use metallic eyeshadows (among the Make Up Trends 2012 ). Matte eyeshadows do not provide a radiant look. On the upper eyelash wreath you prefer a long eyeliner in black, brown, plum or navy blue, which makes your look even more intense.

These colors fit dark brown / black eyes:

· Silbergrau / Dark Gray

· Gold / gold brown

· bronze

· copper

· pink

· plum

· Navy blue

Avoid these colors:

You should never touch too light pastel tones, because only the eye-white is emphasized. Your look looks bale.