Because you’re as soft as breath and strong as wind.

Because you sustain life, and you’re flavoured oxygen.

Because you can’t be seen, but you will be felt.

Because you’re everywhere, your spirit envelopes the whole world and clothes it in hope.

Covers it,shelters it.

Sacrifices .

You give them life.

But you’re breathed in, then out and taken for granted.

The same ride, the same route, the same routine.


Because in them you kindle desire

You keep them warm while they burn you out

Like a candle, they melt you. You don’t flicker until your flame is a whisper.

And then only the memory of the smoke you leave behind is left.

A waft they curl around their hearts and remember only when it’s too late.


Because you bring forth life

Green, generations spring from you.

A bloom filled with flowers and fragrances.

Seeds that disperse.

Feet that never turn homeward.

You push them out, to begin.

You take them in your embrace, bury them in your fragrance, to end.


Because you cleanse

You’re calm like a body of water at rest.

But you can be fierce too. So fierce that they cower and are afraid to drown in you.

So you stay still.

You try to tame your current.

You try to calm, you try to soothe.

But their feet are accustomed to the shallow murky waters.

And they run from your depth .

Afraid of you, afraid of drowning , afraid of surrendering to you.

But you are water, so you flow.

Air. Fire. Earth. Water.


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