I was supposed to start a poetry project on the first day of november, but for many reasons, (read, my persistent procrastination), that has not happened yet until now. Like they say, it’s never too late to start. So I’m starting today, and hopefully, this very public commitment would help me keep to my promise. Here’s the first poem, something I scribbled on saturday. Enjoy :)

How do you flee your own war?

this storm that you have brewed inside of your own heart

How do you run away from yourself?

The bombs of doubt and the missiles of sudden awareness that crash against you

How do you stop the hail stones from falling?

How do you map out a strategy against your own body when it insists on pushing you out of yourself?

Inside out.

You flee by staying,

A silent resolution, a knowing.

You love.

It will hurt because every city ravaged by wars bears scars as testament

And stories never die.

But the scars will heal beautifully.

The story of the war that ravaged your whole being,

Will become faint markings on the mural of your soul,

On the wall of your past

So flee.