They will come to you bearing tales of destruction.

They will come to you bearing tales of destruction

Telling you how we refused salvation

Mocked the Lord

our actions begging Him to bring his wrath upon us like a sword

But they will forget one word

They will come to you telling stories of rejection

saying that we paid no heed and we chose our own action

Filled casks with wine and made laughter the song to which we danced

They will say we found love in the behinds of fellow men, and destroyed his Design

But they will forget one word.

They will tell you of countless warnings and spineless Prophets

They will tell you of his preaching which became a harangue

They will tell you that we laughed and continued to revel in our baseless pleasures

They will tell you how we committed to sinfully, no half measures

But they will forget one word.

They will sing songs of foolery

lick limericks off their tongues

recollect how we gasped at the beauty of the Angels ; How we stood in awe

How we rejected his daughters

why take less when there is more ?

But they will forget one word.

They will speak of the climax

How fire fell like rain

How His anger enveloped us all

leaving on our tongues the bitter taste of laughter and the hope that only hopeless pleas can bring

They will tell you about a salt pillar ; she dared to look back

A future wiped out because of a single glance into a past that was being escaped

But they will forget one word.

They won’t tell you of the sour taste of redemption

or the pleasure of instant gratification

They will forget to mention the promise

Free will.

I wrote this about a year ago. I was going through my evernote files when I stumbled upon it. I was amazed, and ashamed at the same time, because I haven’t really written much since then. I can find a thousand and one excuses to explain why I haven’t been writing, but the sad truth is none of them is good enough. So I’m committing to writing again. To creating, no matter what the odds are. You should too. Let me know what you think about the poem above will you?

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