Her sin, the original sin (in my opinion) was not that she ate the apple. Her sin was that she believed the deceptive serpent and mistrusted God. She didn’t put her faith in God who warned her about terrible consequences. God said she would die. The serpent said she would not. She believed the serpent because it sounded more comforting, it intrigued her, it looked beautiful and harmless and it was more pleasing to her. She chose the Serpent’s comforting lie over God’s harsh truth.
Original Sin Is Not the Apple, It’s the Blue Pill
Kitten Holiday

And of course, she did all this WITHOUT the knowledge of good and evil.

Can you really have free will if you do not understand what you will?

It was actually God in the story who was deceptive, lying to, essentially, children that they would die. The serpent spoke the truth that they would gain knowledge; God decided that they should die for what they did.

How can gaining greater insight into the truth ever be the blue pill? If Eden was the Matrix, then the serpent is Morpheus and God is the robots that control the illusion.

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