Everything I wish I’d known about startups and the technology speculation industry
Danilo Campos

I don’t think anything will change without a huge culture shift. Too many people in the US in general believe that they will be a future millionaire/billionaire. With the tech we have, it’s only become easier to see the few cases where this actually happens. That’s fuel for the fire for these people, including founders, who want to be the next Zuck or Jobs.

On the surface, it seems like the ‘companies for social good’ is a step in the right direction. By valuing their impact on a community, they’re at least recognizing that money is not the only valuable part of their company. But with the kind of culture of ‘wealth needs more wealth’ there will still be a higher value on wealth creation than on social impact. Assuming that the social impact these companies make is even positive.

What needs to change, which won’t, is the venture caste’s desire to keep making themselves richer. There has to be a point where people become rich enough that they think “I don’t need all this money” and then they give it away. As long as the ultra wealthy expect any kind of ROI, they force start ups to value money above all else.