they need a good reason the stare a piece of art for 3 minutes.
Thank You Benji for this very interesting comment.
Eloise Bonder

I really don’t agree with this. They should have their own reason to stare at art; it should be emotionally compelling enough or interesting enough. What I think is going on is an attention problem. Most art isn’t shocking enough for a Z-er, who has grown up on the internet and come of age in the clickbait era. I think it just doesn’t register in their brains as something worth paying attention to.

Everyone wants to be engaged…but until now, the art alone was engaging enough. Now people can bring their cellphones in and then they have a way to engage themselves orthogonal to the museum experience. The other element is that so many people now don’t go to museums to be engaged at all, but just to show they’re there. I think that is a much harder problem to solve.

I really do like the idea of the artist bot, I think every museum would benefit. But I don’t think it would solve the underlying issue.

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