OK, you have described the process of selling Higher Education in America, and it goes on at all…

In a real 4 year university, you have a choice. The choice is whether you want to pursue a degree that will have a large monetary ROI or not. Trump university did not offer choice, it offered seminars on the same topic, taught not by professionals in real estate, not even by someone familiar with real estate, but scam artists. Look up the name Jim Shead, he was an instructor of Trump U that I found off Trump’s own website. Reviews of his character are not good.

Another major difference is that most real universities actually give you access to a network. In the “real world”, so told, not what you know but who you know. If this is true, then Trump U failed it’s students the most here, by not introducing them to a network in which to be successful in.

Yes, there are many many problems in the university system, but comparing a real university to Trump’s is like comparing a grade A blockbuster film to a B sci fi flick from the 50s. Only one of them can ever really be taken seriously.

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