I thought not living in fear was how you beat terrorists.
Kady M.

In America terrorism is an abstract threat, and the original post and your comment both seemed to focus on American reactions to terrorism, so by saying that this strategy does not work for those with actual proximity to terrorism is a straw man argument. My comment, I think, was pretty clearly about Americans, not about anyone else. In America, Trump is unnecessarily fear-mongering about terrorists.

Of course people near the threat are going to have to act differently and live their lives differently. For as much shit as Israel gets for being an “apartheid state”, the people there lived under actual threats of terror, and it seems more reasonable that they would take drastic action.

My “fallacious reasoning” is not that terrorism hasn’t been a problem, so it isn’t one. My reasoning is that terrorism has been a relatively small problem, so it is absurd to throw money at this small problem — in the US — that has not grown tremendously even as violent extremism has.

What evidence do you have that violent extremism will be a threat to Americans in the near future? I have not found any reason to believe that such a threat will exist, not just because it hasn’t been, but because we have intelligence agencies in the US that monitor these extremist groups, which by most accounts are poorly organized and led with mostly small arms. Surely North Korea is a greater military threat, and they can barely fire a missile out of their own country.

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