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Look, I’ve seen plenty of terrible press about non-Donald candidates. Maybe you have a news bubble that’s a little tighter than you think, but there are numerous articles that trash Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as well as the other former Republican candidates. Yes, the media is a huge problem, but equally huge is the way people consume it such that they see what they want. Sure the media scrutinizes Trump, but that’s in large part because Trump is by far the loudest, most blatant liar of probably any presidential candidate in history. He makes himself an easy target for criticism and attack because he himself is always on attack mode. Have you ever heard Trump apologize? I haven’t. It’s not part of his persona.

Part of Trump playing the victim of the media was also shown when he said, as president, he wanted to change libel laws so he could sue any reporters that wrote about him in a negative light. Not go after journalists that lie about him, but change the law so even painting Trump negatively is illegal. That is a direct affront to the First Amendment as well as actively playing the victim of media scorn. A scorn which he earns every day by attacking people like the parents of killed veterans. By going on live TV and claiming he doesn’t know who David Duke is. By insinuating that an American judge would be biased against him because he has made comments about Mexican immigrants.

And the biggest irony is that Trump is mostly helped by his massive media coverage; free air time helped him cut costs in his campaign early on and helped push his name over other potential nominees.

Do you honestly believe Trump does any of his own taxes? Why would he complain about a tax system, complicated as it may be, that’s designed to help him pay as little in taxes as possible? He complains as an appeal to his base, to the people whose taxes make up a significant amount of their yearly expenditures. He claims he wants to close corporate loopholes, but why? It wouldn’t help him or his kids any, and as far as I can tell Trump’s modus operandi in life is making as much money for himself as possible. Yes he has a charity, but its relatively small compared to other billionaires. Is he obligated to give to charity? No, of course not, but I’m using this to show that his primary interest is in funding himself.

You can twist Trump not having to release his returns as a non issue for yourself, but for me, it is a dangerous warning sign that he does have something to hide, and that he is likely able to hide it in that 104 page disclosure. We are not talking about an upright citizen who has had wild success in the business world: we are talking about a man with a lifetime history of shady activity, who inherited millions of dollars and had a lower ROI in business than if he simply invested it all in the Dow Jones Index, who says he’s for people but is anti-union, has cheated small businesses and forced them into bankruptcy, has bankrupted his businesses as a money making scheme and passed the buck to his public shareholders, and has lost of the trust of almost every major bank on Wall Street. After looking into Trump’s life from a multitude of perspectives, including his own, I would not be at all surprised if his financial disclosure and full tax returns are different in a significant way.

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