That said, we have always been dominated by algorithms: religions, which form an inseparable part of the history of mankind and still govern significant aspects of the habits and existence of millions of people, are no more than a set of algorithms designed to regulate certain behaviors
Algorithms: the new religion?
Enrique Dans

No no no no no. Religions may have “algorithms” in that they have instructions to do certain things in certain ways, but that by no means makes algorithms a religion. The laws of keeping Kosher are not by any means an algorithm, they’re a set of rules. Algorithms have a little more to them than just being some vague or specific set of rules.

A religion is a faith. Algorithms have no element of faith.

Please do not be a part of the anti-science movement, whether you think you are or not, that equates elements of science or engineering with religion.

I do not know what definition of “algorithm” you are going on, but it is clearly not one used in the computer science community. I implore you to look up Knuth’s definition, it’s a rather good one.

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