means you trust them even when presented with evidence of the contrary.
Looking up the actual definition you get the following:

Then what else could complete trust even mean? Why have the word complete there if it doesn’t seem to mean anything to you? Another definition you present further supports my interpretation of the meaning, the “unshakable belief”.

I think you’re just pushing the word “faith” into the definition of belief and you have kind of proven yourself wrong about that interpretation with all the different definitions you’ve presented.

Yes, I’m 100% certain that gravity will still act tomorrow the same as it does today because we have knowledge, not faith, about gravity that suggests it won’t just disappear, the same way we know without faith that the sun won’t just disappear.

You’re coming across as very ignorant, which I know can be a hard thing to hear, but you really should study more about science and the difference between faith, belief and knowledge.

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