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There is reason to believe Trump will violate the emoluments clause and it is relevant for several different instances of Trump’s companies/property. One example is Trump’s new DC Hotel, which foreign dignitaries are already recognizing as a means to gain favor with the president elect. Yes, if they rent at fair market price maybe it will all be ok, but if they leave a large tip for The Donald?

Why is it so hard for you to believe that a man who has sought extreme wealth his whole life would not continue to do so now that he has even more power?

You cite that the president (nor vp) doesn’t need to put his money in a blind trust, but why is that ok when other government officials have to? I don’t think this law is consistent. Maybe the Jeffersonian ideals… philosophy developed at a time when most Americans still worked on farms, and there were few international organizations, in short, the ceiling of wealth was much lower. Why does this argument apply now to wealth at scale?