Letter to the Leaders of Nebraska Regarding the Executive Powers of President Trump

To the leaders of Nebraska,

I write to you today in protest of travel bans based on discrimination of religious belief. I wish to reaffirm the notion that this country was built on the backs of immigrants from all over the world, all of them looking for a new chance at life. If we accept that the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t be here today without lax and free immigration from war-torn, famished, low-income homelands, then how can we possibly tell future generations they have no place here?

My I remind the house and senate representatives of Nebraska of the 14th Amendment:
“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Here, as part of our own founding documentation do we see the example left to us by the devastating effects of the American Civil War. As the people of the United States, we shall not deprive any person the right to life and success within our country. It is, therefore, a requirement that we see immigration as not the wolf in sheep’s clothing that it’s made out to be by Republican leadership, but rather a shining example of the American spirit. It took the loss of 620,000 soldiers to agree on three fundamentals of America:

1.) We are a nation of states with various peoples and opinions for the benefit of the nation, not a union of competing states.

2.) That all people striving for life and liberty upon our soil shall have those virtues granted upon them with ease and in high spirit.

3.) That all people, regardless of creed, ancestry, sex, or capacity, shall be granted full due legal process to preserve the life, liberty, and justice of the people, by the voice of the people.

As such, I call upon my legislative leaders for Nebraska to show the nation that we are of wise opinion and motive to oppose the executive order presented by President Trump to impose travel and immigration bans of selected countries simply based on the faith of its citizens. This goes against the foundation of our nation to such a degree that I would hope our courts will not permit this type of action to succeed. I would also hope that you would be prepared to see the damage and implication such an order would impose upon your constituents. The primary party of Nebraska being Republican, I anticipated you to continue your drive for lessening the federal government, less spending, and fewer restrictions. Yet, I see nothing but the poor excuse of handing over everything you stand for to appease a crying man-child. What difference would it be to have the law dictated by a single man over your faith of party ties? If lessening the federal government in your opinion means fewer chances to argue against your leader are we any different than Putin’s Russia or Jong-un’s North Korea?

Our president is actively restricting the rights of the press and of the people and I have yet to see you stand up for yourself, your state or your constituents. How can it be then that you claim to represent us, claim to speak for us, to be employed by us, but stand with your back turned and ears guarded? An employee who disrespects their leadership should be removed from their post.

You have a tremendous opportunity to show us your backbone. I would appreciate you not wasting that opportunity.

Chet M. Coenen