Regarding the Omaha Public Schools new Transgender Policies

Dear Mrs. Goding,

I’m writing to you today in regards to the efforts your district has been putting forth in maintaining a civil and well-constructed discussion to uphold the rights of students all over Omaha. The transgender community is one of many that is regularly drug down through the mud and seeing our school district take such a progressive and forward thinking position is inspiring for all of our residents. Those who argue that the American ideal is being compromised by your continued devotion to establishing the rights of the few obviously need to attend one of the many government courses offered every day in our schools.

America has, and hopefully will continue to be, a place of refuge and hopeful security for all of her people. Listening to these members of our community denounce the needs of the few who only wish to join other students in the act of becoming educated and successful members of our society points to the true loss of the American way. Once we were men and women at arms to protect and defend those from disaster and tyranny, only now to insult and deport those hardworking and unique members who run to our guarded embrace.

My wish is that your recent efforts are not undone by the future leadership in our district, but that they should flourish and grow a generation that is truly without bounds.

Sincerely yours, and forever hopeful for the future,

Chet M. Coenen