The other day I came across an article in my newsfeed on Facebook. It was about a young lady who was told she should dye her hair because the gray was unattractive (I’m paraphrasing so it’s not exact , but close) Whilst reading this article she explained why she would never do that. It brought tears to my eyes, both of happiness for the strength she possessed,but also of anger at just how superficial people are/can be. I too struggle with insecurities about my body and how it looks. This feeling has only been amplified recently within the last year or so when I got the brilliant idea that I wanted to dance again. Let start off first by saying in LA if you’re not blond hair or blue eyed with a banging body. You basically don’t exist….or so I thought. As I go to dance classes every week I am surrounded by young tenderonis with a zero waistline and no freaking body fat🙁. They move with the gracefulness I only have when I’m in deep REM sleep(hoy vey!!). Although I enjoy myself immensely I can’t help but try and cover my stretch mark ridden stomach with long tops or wear sweats that I pull up so far on my waist I look like a broke nerd.

I have to constantly remind myself that it’s okay that I have a tiger tummy. It reminds me that from this line riddled abdomen came two of my most precious gifts. My children. My breasts haven’t been in their “normal” position for quite a while now, but they nourished two lives and kept them healthy with the food that I and only I could make for them. Yeah, I still look in the mirror naked sometimes (and you know you do it too 😜) and ponder the idea of getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, but it would no longer be “my” body then, would it?

I know there are so many young girls and some boys who are so unhappy with the way they look and look to the knife forma quick fix. What I say is, unless it’s life threatening embrace whatever makes you unique, for only you possess it. Im learning that on a daily basis and try to instill the same in my children. Yes, society is the worst peer pressure ever, but sometimes you have to dig in you heels and go wait a minute!! I am me and I LOVE ME!! If you say it enough you will believe it. I promise. ❤️❤️👍🏾🙏🏾 1/11/16

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