My love of dance

As I sit here doing absolutely nothing, I’m listening to music. For anyone who know ANYTHING about knows I adore music. I always have. It fills me with so much emotion and I end up dancing like a wildcat in the forest(actually it’s my living room,but it’s my story so let me live😊). This passion led me back to dancing after many many years of holding back and watching dancers in TV and being totally immersed in the movement of the dancers’ bodies. It’s no secret some of my favorite shows have some form of dance in them. Two years and some change ago I got over my fear of being the oldest in any dance class(well actually I still struggle with that, but that’s another story) and started taking dance classes again. Needless to say I was challenged immediately and left class frustrated many times not being able to remember routines or execute the moves that I see so clearly in my head but my body won’t cooperate😢. But nonetheless I continued and to my surprise I began to improve ever so slightly. Routines I couldn’t comprehend a year ago I can now execute them, sloppily yes, but still doing them. I have become part of a community that is so expressive and ever changing and I love that. The frustration fuels my desire so much that I can literally spends hours a day practicing a routine until I can remember at least 8 counts. I have also been told that I am an Inspiration to some🤔. Wow, me, an Inspiration. That’s something I sit back and wonder how the hell am I anyone’s inspiration? I’m older than every one of my instructors!! But I graciously Thank them, for I will never make them feel that i don’t appreciate it, because I really do. I’ve also met some pretty amazing people in the process and wouldn’t change this experience for anything. I only hope that my determination to become a better dancer continues to fuel my desire to succeed. I want to dance as long as I can.(even in a wheelchair😂) until next time. Follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something or you’re to old to be doing this. This has been told to me countless times. I always hear “you’re no spring chicken” you can’t keep up with those young folk!! Well I don’t care !! And that’s that!!

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