What exactly does this mean?? Does anyone really have a clue? As for myself I keep learning about this on a daily basis,which isn’t a bad thing, but definitely frustrating. I’ve always been told, there’s. 2 sides to every story…..and then there’s the truth. No more has this been clearer to me then in last few months. I always think to myself I got this I’ve worked hard and then nothing. I’ve had to learn as much as I would like it’s just not about me. If any of you don’t know from my previous entries I had decided in my ripe old age to take up dancing again. Although the progress has been minimal, I pride myself on now being able to pick up at least 8 counts of choreo without freaking out. I still look ridiculous but Ive met some of the smallest goals for myself. The issue is when I don’t. Even when I should. There have been days that’s dance is all I want to do and others I come out so frustrated I feel like crying and end up wondering beasts wrong me the!!why am I not moving further. Maybe I’m not training enough or hard enough… so I keep trying. And still nothing. That being said, after having some discussions with my dance fam I realize I need to look outside of myself and be grateful for the small movements. They can only be bigger. Be good at what can be good at and work on what needs to be worked on. So here I am STILL going strong after 3 years. So much to learn. Still looking at my big picture……

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