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George Will is not a climate scientists, but is probably well enough read that he picked up on the climate science hoax. Perhaps the NY Times is beginning to realize that, up to now, its activist role has pushed it too far out on a what’s turning out to be a dead limb.

Has Romm mentioned that the entire alarm is about an increase of one degree in temperature since about 1880? By May 1st the global temperature had dropped 1/2 a degree, and looks as if it’s continuing to drop. Now that “increase” is approaching the latest guess on the tempeature uncertainty error.

There is NO evidence showing that co2 level has EVER had any impact on the global climate. (Evidence requires more than correlation, but… while on that subject, the only correlation tracking both UP and DOWN trends in co2 and temperature variation over geologic periods shows temperature variation FIRST, followed hundreds of years later by similar variation in co2. That’s the OPPOSITE of what alarmist need, so they have no evidence, not even a correlation. This is why Lindzen (MIT) states that to be a skeptic of this proposition the hypothesis must be plausible, and it’s not.

But it gets worse. The greenhouse gas hypothesis brings with it a caveat. There must also be a warmer region about 10k above the tropics. This “hot spot” has never been found, despite millions of radiosondes over the past decades. The alarmists have made numerous attempts to explain away that missing “hot spot”, even trying to relate it to wind shear rather than regular temperature instruments, but have never succeeded. The only time it’s brought up now (not much since about 2006) is when there is another failing claim that it’s been found. This is not unlike the “missing heat” where the alarmists have generated dozens of speculative guesses as to where it went. “Settled science” ?

And it gets worse, as mentioned earlier. This NECESSARY condition to validate the “hot spot” (if ever found) is not SUFFICIENT. That discovery must still be accompanied by EVIDENCE.

Obama’s EPA administrator, in testimony before congress, has admitted that even if global warming caused by human activity was addressed, the result would be a drop of 1/100 of one degree in the out-years. That attempt would cost TRILLIONS of dollars which itself would surely bring on an economic catastrophe. We’re DOOMed no matter which way we proceed, so the obvious alternative is wait and see. In the meantime, continuing prudent investigation of alternative energy sources.

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