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“The MWP never got as warm as it is now”.

FALSE. I’ve provided peer-reviewed studies (Greenland, gisp2), and every study in the has been peer-reviewed. What’s more, you are asking readers to believe you rather than their own lying eyes, unless you’re ready to admit that there is indeed a recently exposed forest in Alaska that is 1,000 years old.

“Greenland is not the earth”.

True, but it is remote from Europe and also remote from Alaska. That’s already sufficient to become suspicious about alarmist claims. Mann’s hockey stick came from 12 trees in one location, and evidently he weighted his favorite tree considerably higher than the others. Finally, bristlecone pines (at least part of Mann’s miniscule tree selection) are notoriously unreliable as temperature proxies.

“You don’t understand, but imputing your own ignorance….”

That’s hardly satisfactory. You obviously claim, fully ignorant, that water vapor feedback is well understood.

“There have been numerous studies of the consensus…”.

Ignoring the two major ones, which have been thoroughly debunked, is hardly an adequate defense. Why are the alarmists so focused on “consensus”. Science is never determined by votes, and the “consensus” has often been wrong. Apparently the focus on consensus is because the alarmists have no evidence that co2 has ever had any measurable impact on the global temperature.

“Yes, ain’t peer review a bitch?”

Standard alarmist DENIAL, refusing to even acknowledge gisp2 or the peer-reviewed studies at Evidently you are also not aware of the censorship control the iPCC and its cohort had over the recognized climate publications, at least until very recently. Also, until recently, most skeptical scientists were likely concerned about losing their jobs, let alone trying to publish a document in a publication controlled by the well-funded IPCC cohort.

“… you do not cite a single source for your claims…..”

You fail to recognize gisp2, and peer-reviewed studies. It doesn’t take much to google the 1,000 year old recently exposed forest by the receding Mendenhall glacier in Alaska.

I’m sure you will deny Dr. David Evans as a “source”. But other readers may enjoy the examination of the 6,000 boreholes at Joanne Nova’s website (Dr. Evans is her spouse.)


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