The first Informer Stickers for Telegram

Denis Abdullin
Jul 9, 2019 · 2 min read

While Telegram introduced animated stickers, we made the first informer stickers with cryptocurrency rates.

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We made the first Informer Stickers with cryptocurrency rates. Stickers are updated in realtime every 5 minutes. Correct, if you already know any stickers with updated data in them.

We are a team that is working on a P2P platform for cryptocurrency exchange, I am a designer in this project. The site is not ready yet, but in the process, we got an idea about the stickers. And we did it.

Sent stickers do not change, but they are relevant at the time of sending. They show the date and time. Currently, the sticker set includes 19 cryptocurrencies. We are planning to increase the number of cryptocurrencies in the near future.

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Cryptocurrency Telegram Stickers

In a short period, more than 7,500 installations, and send more than 4,000 messages per day. It is no secret that stickers are often part of marketing, and in the future we may add a sticker with the logo of our new service to the set.

I decided that it would be nice to talk about our stickers, and most importantly, to share an idea for readers to get inspired and make their own informer stickers.

Add stickers to Telegram

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