Free App Review: Skitch:

I came across stick whilst browsing through the ‘productivity’ section on the iOS app store. It seems to be a very neat little app, which was originally created by Evernote.

Skitch lets you take photos and annotate on your screen, before sharing them out to a contact, social media channel, private chat or email. You can even save it into your gallery. This is quite a useful little app, when you’re trying to show someone a piece of content from a screen, or point out something specific that you are looking at right now.

I took this sample picture of a tweet from a few days ago, adding an arrow to an element that may otherwise take a while longer to find.

One particular useful feature however, is the ability to take a screenshot of a map, within the app. You need to show someone where to go? Point out where you live? You can access the map area within the app, take a screenshot of the area, and start annotating with arrows, text, brushes and more.

I can certainly think of a few times that this app would come in handy, had I known about it before, although it’s not something that would be useful on a daily basis.

When you are done, you are presented with the key options of sharing and saving the annotated screenshot.

Evernote have stopped support for the app worldwide, and it is no longer available to download for Android and Windows. Downloads are only available on iOS and Mac OS although, if you have downloaded the app on Android or Windows devices before January 22nd 2016, you can still use the app.

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