It is crazy to think that some websites out there are still not optimised for mobile use. There are also many that are optimised, but badly designed, therefore the experience is very bad, people leave, and you’re back to square one. Below are 5 key elements to making your website optimised for mobile use.

1. User Experience: Mobile websites are now driving over 56% of all internet traffic. Give your users a good experience. Consumers don’t like to handle horrible websites, where the buttons are too small to operate with a finger, text is unreadable and everything takes forever to load into place. From a business point of view, your potential customers will no longer be potential customers, as they will simply leave your website and go to the competition, if they can’t operate it from their mobile.

2. Google Rankings (SEO): Google doesn’t like websites that are not optimised for the mobile world. Organic SEO is likely to suffer, and your website is likely to be presented further down the pile, underneath all the websites that are mobile friendly.

In recent news, Google have announced that they will be scrapping their ‘Mobile Friendly’ mark which appears next to all search results that are optimised for mobile. Even though the mark will no longer be there, the SEO of your mobile unfriendly website will still be affected.

3. Large use of Mobile: Your customers are already there. As mentioned in point 1, mobile sites drive over 56% of all internet usage. Present your business in the way that is mostly viewed by your potential customers. Time have changed, roll with them.

4. Social Media: Social media is a big part of mobile optimisation. Nearly 80% of all social media use is on mobile. I’m not surprised. The Facebook website is much slower to use than the app and you can’t even post to Instagram using a desktop. A lot of Facebook / Instagram posts and Tweets link you to a website, a promo landing page, an article etc.

5. Ahead of the competition: So we’ve established that your potential customers are already on their mobiles, but equally, so are your competitors. Someone is always left behind in the race, make sure it isn’t you. The way you are marketing, your customers will most likely hear about your website from Tweets, sponsored Facebook posts and email marketing, which a lot of will be accessed via their mobile.

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