Review: Abacus247 iPhone 6

The lovely people at Abacus247 sent us some awesome freebies the other day. Take a look at this iPhone 6/6S black synthetic lather wallet case. Stylish, fits perfectly and surprisingly great quality! I say surprisingly as I’ve had synthetic lather cases before, and they all started falling apart within the first few days. I’ve been using this one for several days now and it’s in great shape. The quality of it is very good, and really sturdy. They have managed to fit quite a few spaces for cards and other sorts. The wallet end of the case includes 3 small credit card slots (1 open ID slot), and one big slot the size of the case itself.

Naturally, you probably wont be able to fit your whole wallet contents into the spaces provided, and coins will prove particularly annoying, but thins like ID’s, key-cards, debit cards etc will do just fine.

The actual part that hold the phone in place is fairly flimsy, which allows the case to get a little squished down if you do have too many things packed in.

The case also acts as a stand, for great ease-of-use for watching videos in bed, or whilst cooking is always a good idea. I asked for the black version, as it goes with everything, and I just love black, the case does come in blue and purple as well.

These area also available for the new iPhone 7! You should definitely grab one from if you are looking for a good quality, wallet-case that will look good and protect your phone at the same time!