New entries in the DJ Mag Top 100 — ‘Followed by robots or humans’

Do you think from the purge moment of Facebook that DJ’s and their management are finally starting to understand the importance of real relationships with fans? DJ’s and managers are still willing to risk their reputation, (financial) value, integrity, ethics, trust, clients and relationships for a few hundred or thousands of ‘questionable fans’ on Facebook.

As a DJ you are part of the entire internet ecosystem. Even more so when you wish to have a better chance of being embraced by the end user or the (future) fan or client. In addition, as a DJ you must realize that you exist thanks to content (intellectual property) and that you offer functionality and that you are data.

Building a community takes time and investment. Purchasing fans is short sided when you understand social media. By the way, for those who do not know, it is in direct violation, for example with Facebook terms and conditions. These ‘questionable accounts’ could be defined as ‘questionable data’ which also depreciates the financial value of a dj. Further to using ‘click farms’ or ‘robots’ when you are not injecting your cash in the right places you will be wasting money. This means in terms of metrics and demographical targeting you are trying to reach ‘questionable fans’.

Based on and inspired by the paper ‘Tomorrowland: Followed by humans or robots’ in which ‘questionable fans’ has been described, the new entries in the DJ Mag Top 100 2014 have been examined. This report is a preview of the Ranking EDM Monitor 2014 and helps to identify if Facebook fan pages of the DJ’s which entered the Top 100 in 2014 have a human following and help them to understand that they will depreciate their network value when a purge of Facebook takes place.

Download the full report here …

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