The digital grown mindset

It is important to execute the transformation to a digital mature company by moving in small steps in the right direction as opposed to getting stuck in large-scale, complex and difficult to manage implementation trajectories. The fundamental idea behind the implementation of desired change must be the reduction of complexity. The new simplicity is what you are aiming for.

The changes of our times are driven by technology, yet people make the difference. The digitization of the deejay or event producer requires a transformation of the organization, its processes and systems, yet above all it asks for a personal transformation, your mindset and overcoming fear.

Our mindset is a collection of principles and convictions, both conscious and subconscious. These principles and convictions determine what we do and what we don’t. We have acquired them in the course of our lives by way of upbringing, education, peer groups, personal experiences et cetera. Principles and convictions, our mindset, immensely affect learning and development, Carol Dweck writes in her book, Mindsets. She distinguishes between the static mindset and the growing mindset. You will be amazed by how static our mindset can be and to what extent it stems our personal growth.

A digital growing mindset is the convictions that you, the deejay of event producer, are part of a digital economy, operating on a daily basis in a digital domain that connects you to fans and clients. This digital growing mindset has distanced itself from the static mindset.

It is scary to say goodbye to the analogue mindset of old. It is the fear to lose what you know and what you have, and not knowing what you will get. Management is an important success factor when you decide to engage the organization in the process of digital transformation. It is vital to provide room (for consultation, for instance) and direction. It is preferably to link the transformation to the primary process of interacting with fans, clients, providers, partners and competitors. The motto is: make the organization responsible for the transformation and reduce complexity; it will make change easier and more natural.

*This is a small part of a chapter of EDM and the Digital World.

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