WFP frontline worker Hitesh Kanakrai on fighting the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mozambique with innovation

“We are more afraid with COVID-19 than we were with cyclones and floods, but we find courage because people need our assistance,” says Hitesh Kanakrai, who has worked on the front lines with the World Food Programme (WFP) in Mozambique for 23 years.

“However careful we are, and however many health measures we follow, we cannot see the virus; while the cyclones, the rain and the floods are more tangible,” he says.

From crossing the Zambezi River many times in dangerous small boats to escaping from wild elephants when crossing a natural reserve or working in the aftermath of a…

World Food Programme resilience training is empowering people in spite of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic

A month’s rations in Chemba, Sofala province, contain 40 kgs of fortified maize meal, 20 kgs of beans, 3 litres of fortified vegetable oil, 1 kg of iodized salt — and 48 eggs. Photo: WFP/Julio Alquissone

Eating a humble egg can make the difference between a poor diet and a nutritious and healthy one. A healthy diet is a minimum requirement for ensuring immune systems are as strong as they can be in the face of disease, not least the coronavirus pandemic.

In June last year, the World Food Programme (WFP) in Mozambique started to receive a grant from the Austria Development Agency. The aim? Implementing a multi-year, gender-transformative and nutrition-sensitive programme to reduce stunting while empowering women in one of the most vulnerable parts of the country. …

Attendance and enrolments are up as six-month WFP project draws to a close — and urgent funds are needed to extend it

Espinola Caribe, head of WFP’s Beira sub-office. Photo: Karel Prinsloo / Arete/ UN Mozambique

For children facing extreme food insecurity, the promise of take-home food baskets is an incentive for their parents to send them to school, and a sure way to increase attendance.

In Sofala in central Mozambique, many families still struggle to achieve decent livelihoods — that province was the worst-affected when cyclone Idai struck a year ago, with strong rains and floods destroying crops, delaying and reducing harvests.

Denise Dalla Colletta

Communication and Reporting Officer consultant at World Food Programme (WFP) Mozambique. Oficial de Comunicação e Relatórios Consultora no PMA Moçambique

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