2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 4
Scott Myers



BARTENDER: Last call in 10 minutes. What’s your poison?

PATRON: Good choice of words. Help me out here.

The bartender takes a long look at his last customer. Expensive suit with air of sadness.

BARTENDER: Therapist, priest or silent friend. Pick one.

PATRON: Priest. Tonight it’s definitely a priest.

BARTENDER: Lay it on me.

PATRON: I will never be a burden to anyone.

BARTENDER: Doesn’t sound like a confession to me.

PATRON: I won’t disappoint. Let’s get my Hail Mary’s lined up.

BARTENDER: Three Hail Mary’s. Penance of choice?

PATRON: You decide.

BARTENDER: 252’s should make things right.

Lines up three shot glasses. Wild Turkey with Barcadi splashes.

PATRON: Birthday parties, swim meets, dance recitals, parent teacher conferences. I missed them all in the name of the Deal.

Man quickly swigs first shot.


PATRON: Running over my grandkid’s cat.

Another swig.

PATRON (continuous): While talking on the phone.

BARTENDER: In the name of the Deal?

PATRON: Amen, now you’re with me.

Man pulls family photo out of his wallet. Lays it on counter.

PATRON: Not telling anyone I’ve got terminal cancer. Just found out yesterday.

BARTENDER: Sorry to hear that (beat) but you got to tell them.

Man downs last shot.

PATRON: Yep, in the name of the Deal. I won’t be a burden.

Man pushes back stool to leave. Lays fifty dollar bill on counter.

BARTENDER: Hang, we can chat more while I clean up.

Man turns away, waves farewell as he heads toward the hotel elevator.

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