2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 9
Scott Myers

SCENE 6 (Continuation from Day 2 Challenge: Strangers stuck in elevator)


A long hallway runs between brightly lit assessment rooms.

Lone interview candidates wait in each room with no ability to see beyond their four walls.

Each room is identical. One table holding two wood blocks with nail heads pointing up at various heights. Three cheap coffee mugs- one red, two blue.

One CLAW HAMMER rests in the middle.

A soothing female VOICE breaks over the intercom.

INTERCOM: Phase two of your interview process has begun. Beginning now you have three minutes to decide what to do with the items on your table. Good luck with your choices.

The ASSESSOR, clipboard in hand, moves slowly down the hallway, stopping at each room’s one-way observation window.

INTERN closely shadows his instructor, not wanting to miss a thing.

— STILETTO BARBIE lifts hammer high then brings it down hard on single red mug. Ceramic shards explode in all directions. Satisfied with her action, she re-applies her lipstick.

— BRIEFCASE ALLEN pulls a dime from his pocket, uses it as gauge while he taps down each nail within one inch of board surface. Nice uniform row of metal. He smiles, sits back in chair.

— BACKPACK JOE deftly yanks each nail out of the blocks with claw. Begins to pound nails back on smooth side of one block.

— NERVOUS NELLIE repeatedly rearranges table items with no apparent pattern in mind.

INTERCOM: Phase two is over. Please step away from your table.

INTERN (to Assessor): What was the right course of action?

ASSESSOR: Their actions do not betray. All will be matched to suitable positions. (Beat) Though they may not like it.

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