Fields of Dreams: My Summer of Baseball In The Jayhawk League
Glen Hines

Being both spoiled and blessed by living in Louisiana and being a LSU baseball fan I have many times wondered if it is better for the “Student” athletes to stay in school as many do, or go pro as many basketball, and football players do as soon as they can. It is wondrous to me at how many young men that there are in Baseball pro and semipro on so many levels and yet somehow work their way through to the “Bigs” it seems so random sometimes, yet I am sure that there is a plan. Also I wondered what you think about the Infusion of cash and other resources into carribian and central and south american countries and the 12 and 14 year olds who are scouted signed and developed there. I also wonder what Obama’s overtures toward Cuba might mean for the future of U.S. baseball.

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