How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities
Christopher Keelty

Poor white folks have much more in common with poor black folks than most loudmouth progressives would ever be able to understand. The problems of the economically blighted cities are a reflection of years of democrat “leadership” and have nothing to do with this snapshot in time taken on 11/8/16. The problems mentioned have existed for the last 8 years and for the previous 1000 years too. So rather than read your battle plan on how you are prepared to fight against yourself, I would rather have heard a little about the progress made in the Obama years. Where has poverty been eliminated? Where are the new partnerships that are not dependent on a political party or solution. Where has common ground been established in order to move into the future?

In my 60 years on earth I have learned to look for solutions where possible, and i have learned that some would rather save the issue than to find a solution, by example the 40 year debate on how to properly fund Social Security and the 40 years without any solution, and the debate goes on.

Like most poor folks my safety pin will be used to take the place of a missing button or the broken zipper on my “good” pair of work pants, any other use is a waste of my time.

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