I worded that poorly; I mean that when people complain that they’re hurting, leftists accuse them…
David Burton

David as someone who identifies as left I would like to say that my issues are not one dimensional. I am a white female so some might say I can afford to view racism as just one of my issues but I do find it disgusting and I absolutely don’t want to live in a world that we fear or judge each other based on race or ethnicity. I have two children one son and one daughter and it is important to me that they have equal opportunity to achieve their dreams but sexism is not my only focus. I have seen my son, a white male who served in Iraq and Afghanistan feel marginalized and disrespected on his return by idealistic college students who did not live through 9/11 as an 18 year old (I was opposed to the war but am extremely proud of those that serve). He stopped wearing his army shirts and never shared his personal experience while in school because he did not want to have to defend “his war” as if he made any decisions. He has sat through discussions on racism in classrooms where his life experience was treated as unimportant and his opinion unwelcome. It is not lost on me that it is difficult for a white male to sit at a diverse table and have a discussion on race because often he is made to feel at fault and unwelcome. This is what I tell him in those times. Other people do not define who you are and the only voice that you need to listen to is your own. If that voice is telling you racism is wrong then you stay true to that voice, it is the only one that matters. You do not have to take ownership of slavery to understand that we are still living with unequal opportunity because of it. And you absolutely do not need validation from an angry black female any more than you need validation from an angry white male. I identify as left because I am against racism, sexism, am less worried about the bogyman welfare mom than about income inequalty , think there are as many good jobs to be had in alternative energy as coal, love our national park system and clean air and water, think war should be viewed as the absolute last option, believe in the separation of church and state, and want my children and grandchildren to love life. No where in there will you find I am against you.