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I would like to point out that Bernie was not just born. His supporters didn’t just find him. There are plenty of people through out the country who have been listening to what he has been saying forever and believing that he had great ideas. What was born last year was a voting base which enabled him to speak on a larger scale. No politician can be effective if they cannot count on voters to support them in office. If Bernie or Bust supporters do not follow him now there is no new lofty ideal they are staying true too. They are the same old crappy voters that are always the problem with progressive politics. As soon as democracy gets hard they go scurrying away into the absolute selfish act of wasting a vote to prove some meaningless point to eachother cause they’re so principled. Bernie so careful not to hurt his fragile little followers feelings that he sticks his neck out for them and they cut off his head while screaming his name and crying fake tears. Such BS. The big joke is that he thought his supporters were sooo special…sorry Bernie they were just kids that liked to scream. What do they think is going to happen to his great ideas when he finds himself sitting alone in a Republican controlled Senate with Trump in the White House and everyone blaming Bernies Don Quixote “revolution” for the biggest shift right the country has ever seen. Republican controlled Senate and House, nice young conservative Supreme Court and a lazy billionaire megalomaniac in the presidency. I wanted to support Bernie in my heart but in my head I always knew this is where we would end up. SCREWED by Bernies Revolution. Yes folks the greatest screw the people revolution in history. Bernie is now the guy who managed to make a very bad situation exponentially worse. Bernie or Bust people should have just left him alone rather than make a pile of ashe out of the man’s entire life work.