Divided by meaning
Chris Arnade

Lots of articles lately about why Trump supporters are angry and feel oppressed none that connect the dots as to why these voters continue to support candidates whose policies keep them oppressed. I get that they are angry but is your theory that these back row kids are still too lazy to do their homework. I don’t mean listening to talk radio or believing people on faith. I mean doing the research on policies and who votes for what and how that impacts their lives. There is no way electing Trump would serve in the best interest of his supporters or change their lives in any positive sense except for them to feel a very fleeting moment of having won something. That is just too sad for words. Having said all that I think the front row thing is creatively plausible but still a stretch. Here is my stretch: Churches are much more influential in places Trump leads. The problem is these churches do not put the economic situations of their communities above their own political clout. The churches have instead chosen to focus on driving anger through social issues creating single issue voters. Many of these single issues have nothing to do with the economy. Guns, abortion, gay rights, are not the issues you should focus on if you are a community suffering from economic distress. Churches used to be places of worship, community, and charity. Many have now turned into political money making organizations whose leaders are more interested in the trajectory of their own careers than the economic conditions of their communities. Trump supporters have grown up in these churches and are faith driven people perfect for a candidate whose platform is based on the “what have you got to lose?” theory of voting. There is just no point bringing reason to the table when faith is being served. These are voters who keep voting for candidates not working in their best interest and until they realize their own complicity that won’t change, they will always be victims of their own misplaced faith.