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Talk radio has been feeding that dog for years, well before Mitt Romney. It has been a tactic used to drive voters to the polls many times voting against their own best interest but hopelessly powered by the manufatured rage . It seemed a brilliant strategy, it was not accidental. Now the bad dog that has grown big and mean from years of being fed red meat and poked and prodded is loose, angry and not particularly fond of its master. It should surprise no one that Trump happened but Trump is not the real problem. The real problem is the bad dog. If Trump had run against one or two other qualified candidates the base of Republicans that support him would not have been enough to propel him to the nomination. The the division of the vote is what got him there. He is fond of saying that he received more votes than any other republican in the primary and that is true but what he ignores is that more republicans voted against him as well. The Republican party needs to dump the bad dog and the folks that thought it a good idea to feed it. Trump is not the only one appealing to our lowest nature just the worst. It will hurt in the short run but if they don’t get rid of it it will kill the party in the end.