A responsive website with a strong focus on the implementation of Bad-date report feature for sex-workers.


A couple of weeks ago, when I was finishing the documentation of another project, the head of the UX team came into the door of our meeting room and said: —Denise, can I talk to you for a second?

Due to the unusual request, my first question was "Did something…

This case study refers to a fitness app design called HikeFit. Made by designers who love hiking on the Pacific Northwest Coast

…this project was an incredible experience.


When I received the project scope, in my "graphic design" mind, an uncountable sequence of images and illustrations of mountains, nature, waterfalls, lakes, forest, started to pop-up.

photo Denise Bueno — Joffre Lake | British Columbia | Canada

On the other hand, with my head in UX mode, I just could think of user flows…

Wasn’t the easiest work I’ve done, especially in 2 weeks.

This case study refers to the e-commerce website UX design for an artisan coffee shop roaster, in Vancouver, Canada.
The project requirements were defined by Red Academy Vancouver/Spring 2019.

Week 1

Interview Phase — Failing

Do you want to know how not to fail on the first day of the project?

We were in five designers…

Denise Bueno

Jubarte Design Founder, Creative Designer, UX & UI living in Vancouver area. www.denisebueno.com or www.jubarte.design

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