The Wrap Up — 2018.

After switching off (nearly), the marketing team is back online for the year ahead. I was a standout year for London General Assembly in 2018. Our social media channels are growing exponentially every week. We’ve just hit 16.2k on Twitter and expanded our community by 40k this year alone (wowza).

We’ve also welcomed a whole new team to the group including John Furno, whom without his amazing positivity, outgoing vibes and wicked sense of humour, I’d doubt I would have made it through August ;) plus Sinead Taylor (our go-to, calm vibes gal and intro class marketing machine). We also recently said a huge hi and a big welcome to Malin Persson, the partnerships guru who I can’t wait to see what happens this year!

Over 70,000 people signed up for our free events and free classes alone. We held our first ever 2 week non conference-conference called State of Play as well as curated fun and unique events like ‘Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here’ and ‘Struggles and Bubbles’ (A big nod to John for being a badass) as well as our infamous ‘Kickass Women Slay’ series which I’m proud to have had traction in our global markets and will be continuing them in the new year.

We have some big surprises planned this year in 2019 (we’ll be announcing speakers early in the new year), and there’s a tonne of partnership opportunities available so get in touch.

Some of the big things happening in 2019

Events in the making:
- Getting Your Shit Together
- Get on Top of your £££ in 2019 with Monzo
- Pitch Please
- and one of my favourites, International Women’s Day.

If you’re interested in partnering in 2019, please get in touch via denise.chippindale(at) with your thoughts and ideas.

​​​​​We’re looking forward to inspiring the tech/creative/startup and ideally the whole community of London in 2019.

Hope you all had a safe new years!