IA#8: Mind and Body

Inner State of Mind: “Inhaling all the positive vibes I can get”

Humans As Flawed: “Hiding imperfections through silhouette”

Man Overcoming His Limits: “Conquered my fear!”

I entitled my first photo, “Inhaling all the positive vibes I can get under the category of Inner state of mind because for me, everything’s coming from the mind depends on how you set your perspective in life. If you focus more on the positive side then everything will follow. Humans As Flawed: “Hiding imperfections through silhouette” explains that the photo may looked fine and it may seemed that I was achieving that kind of photo (silhouette) but it wasn’t. I had so many shots just to achieve my best angle but the result was awful, I had bad posture or I looked so fat that made my imperfections so visible on the picture until I had this candid shot resulted into a silhouette that hide my imperfections so well. Lastly, Man Overcoming His Limits: “Conquered my fear” shows my happiness for surviving my fear. Can you see that huge roller coaster behind me? That’s the 3rd highest roller coaster IN THE WORLD. I admit that I am afraid of heights and at first, I really didn’t want to give it a try until my younger relatives forced me to do it. I was about to cry but I had to believe in myself that I can do it until I finally did. I had a realization after, that how will you be able to enjoy things if you won’t give it a try in the first place? You just have to push your limits.

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