One of my closest friends was having a low deep point in life where feelings & self-doubt started to spark. I could tell immediately that she wasn’t in the best of moods. I took her somewhere else where it was more quiet & for her to recollect herself. I asked her the thoughts that were rolling through her mind, and her response had me wanting to cry. Mainly because this girl has been through a lot, so I can relate to the experiences I had in the past. It’s evil how much people can consume extreme negative thoughts on others OR how people can just fuck up someone mentally, physically or emotionally.

It made me realize her opening up all of this to me that I’ve been through that same situation on numerous occasions. Not only that, but as well with her telling me what’s going on, I’m more happy. She’s trusting me with telling things that happen in her life. Also wanting to make sure that she’s going to be okay. My other friend came by to as well comfort her. Telling her how much she’s worth it and loved. How she made a positive and great impact in both of our lives.

It made me realize how much I care about people, and taking the time to make sure that my friend is going to be okay, and being purely dedicated and meaningful. I don’t want to change about how compassionate I am towards others and how my words can impact anyone. Show some act of kindness, because you never know what’s going on in anyone’s lives.

I want to make it clear that:

  • You MATTER
  • You are LOVED
  • You DESERVE the happiness in the world
  • Don’t let a bum/toxic person ruin you and who you are.
  • You have so much WORTH in this world!
  • Don’t let ANYONE tear your worth and dedication
  • You deserve to be on this world. God created you for an amazing reason.