New Year, New You?

The phrase everyone says when approaching the new year.

“New Year, New Me”, full of bogus. People are still going to be the same, people aren’t really going to change. On the other hand, maybe there’s aspects everyone or some want to change about themselves physically, mentally or emotionally.

For myself, I want to grow more as a person mentally & emotionally. I started a bullet journal for this year to keep in track of my emotion span and mentality purposes. So I can see throughout the months how much I’ve improved throughout the year. It’s been a blast to fill in so far, and it shows that there will be days where life is going to hit us all hard. How we handle it is the new objective.

I don’t necessarily think that I’m going to change in this New Year. More of I want to improve myself as a being & to continue improving on my writings for the near future. All I can hope is that 2018 is filled with the love, happiness and joy from family and friends.

Cheers to the New Year