Lessons learned in Israel

I’ve been living in Israel for a little over a month now and let me tell you, this country has so much to teach you. Every single thing you witness, every note you hear, and every food you taste in this country, you fall in deep deep love with the history of Israel and its people. You taste a culture so rich on your tongue, you see the passion in their actions, and the love for life in their eyes. If you want to be inspired, simply walk outside.

Gush Dan

We took a trip to the Gush Dan area of Israel yesterday, which we are actually currently residing, but it was great to learn some of the history about where we were living. Gush Dan is basically the area surrounding Tel Aviv and was named after the tribe of “Dan” in the ancient Kingdom of Israel.

Throughout the day, we went to different places in the are such as Ariel Sharon Park, Sarona, and a water treatment facility. Throughout the entire tour, I was reminded how much purpose this country has. They have purpose to think outside the box and think creatively due to the limited amount of resources out there.

More to come.

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