Choosing the best bowling ball is not that hard

Choosing the best bowling ball among all the balls out there can be very confusing and overwhelming. As they come in a variety of materials and compositions now a days. There are many things to consider- which is the best brand for bowling ball? Which material or composition should I pick? What weight of bowling ball will be perfect for me? Or how to choose the right bowling ball with the perfect hook potentiality? Besides these, there are many others things are also needed to keep in mind.

Now, if you are a beginner then the brand will not be a factor, but bowling ball brand is a major factor for advance level bowlers just like bowling shoes. So as a beginner, one should focus on weight and composition as most of the beginner’s bowling balls is same.

What type of Bowling Ball should a beginner choose?

In order to answer the above question, one should ask himself whether he is learning to hook or just planning to throw it straight. The main objective of every bowler is to bowl a perfect strike.

A polyester ball, A.K.A spare ball or plastic ball is good for throwing straight. These balls usually cost less than $100 and good for anyone who loves to bowl with friend and have a custom bowling ball.

On the other hand, if you are learning how to hook, then entry level performance bowling balls will be the best bowling balls for you. These balls are one step upgraded from the polyester bowling balls and usually a bit costlier than the polyester balls and costs around $120 or less. But don’t go for buying the “Best Hooking Balls” for $200, you probably don’t need it until you are very serious about bowling and want to take it to the next level.

What is the perfect weight of a Bowling Ball?

Once to have found the perfect bowling ball type for you, now you should consider the weight of the bowling ball. This is probably the most concerned matter while buying the first bowling ball. Before choosing that, think of yourself, have you ever drilled a bowling ball just for your hand measurement? Probably not, therefore most of the people want a light bowling ball. The reason behind is that most house balls have very large finger holes with a very short spans. Which makes the user to tightly hold the bowling ball, therefore the blood stimulation in hand become affected and the ball fells heavy. A bowling ball that is drilled with the measurement of your hand and finger will fell around 2lbs lighter than the average house balls.

The best way to find the perfect bowling ball weight is to, go to the bowling alley and pickup a few balls until you find the most comfortable one to throw. Play a game or two to find the best ball. Now weight the ball and add a pound or two with the weight to find the perfect weight of your bowling ball.

What type of grip should be perfect?

At this very point, you have the decided your perfect bowling type and weight. Now you will have to decide which type of grip you will use, because without this you can’t choose your best bowling ball. Whether

Best Bowling Balls

you want to use a conventional grip or fingertip grip. Maximum house balls are drilled for a conventional grip. This means you have put your thumb all the way into the ball and your middle & ring finger in the second knuckle. In the fingertip grip, you have to put the thumb all the way into the ball and the middle and ring finger goes into the first knuckle.

While choosing the best bowling balls, you can take fingertip grip route. For that you may use inserts. These are plugs of the hole that comes in variety of colors and shapes to fit for individuals. So… why would you inserts? Because it helps to create more drag or friction with your thumb out of the ball and it also helps to make more rotations. In short, it helps to create more power.

Should the price of Bowling Ball is a concern?

When you are searching the best bowling ball, price is also a great concern. At present bowling ball makers utilize highly developed technologies to create overstock substance blends and the main designs. These are precisely designed to deliver stability over a wide range of styles. These variables are mentioned above are directly related to the price. So before choosing the best bowling ball, price should be considered by learning the full specification of the bowling ball.

How to get the ball drilled?

If you want to get your ball drilled, then the best option is to contact your local pro shop. You can find a pro shop near almost every bowling alleys. The pro shop owner will watch you bowling to learn your bowling style. Because everyone has their own style of bowling and for drilling a perfect hole in the ball, one mu

st learn the style of the bowler to draw a drill layout. Next you will have to give your figure and span measure. This will simply be done by a measuring ball at the pro shop. Once all the above things done you will get your bowling ball drilled in a day or two based on your order requirements.

Once the ball is drilled, you get the perfect bowling ball. When you will bowl using your customized drilled bowling ball, you will fell tight, but in a few games after, you will feel the difference of your bowling ball and average house balls.

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