Is the Decline of Church Attendance due to a rise in Spirituality?

A friend posted an article today about the decline of church attendance, which can be found here ’12 Reasons Millennials are Over Church’

My response…. Whilst I can see her thinking and understand it, I think she has not only missed the main point but as part of her argument raises solutions that are already part of the problem.

The real reason my generation and younger don't attend church is because organised religion is not relevant to our lives. You could have church with Beyonce leading the choir every week, but it's still a) an incredibly rich institution that mostly fails to help those most in need in the community (in fact often looking down at them) 
b) it's still church and the Bible.

Like many of my friends and acquaintances I refuse to belong to any religion that judges and condemns others. And whichever way you spin it, Christianity does this in spades (along with most others). Telling me unless I worship Jesus I will go to hell is just wrong. I don't want to be a part of any religion that says "we're right and everyone else is wrong".

I think of God/Universe/Creator as an island surrounded by a moat. Religions, spiritualty, love, are some of the many bridges you cross to get there. Doesn't matter which bridge you take. And yes, there's even a bridge for atheists.

Here in the UK church attendances have fallen by two thirds since the 1960's. Official figures – based on an annual pew count – show that only 1.4 per cent of the population of England now attend Anglican (Church of England) services on a typical Sunday morning.

I don’t think it’s that we’re all heathens or evil or followers of Satan, I just think many realise with a historical overview the Church has been a method of 'controlling' the population for centuries (and mostly for the good of men and subjugation of women). Classic example is the original Mayflower Puritans who risked death by worshipping in England because the church wanted to maintain the fallacy that one could only reach God through them. Puritans interpreted things differently and believed they could speak (pray) to God without a priest.

I think many people now are in a way taking that puritanical direct approach, by approaching God/Goddess/Universe through self improvement, meditation, chanting, and living as kindly as possible. I think many women are now able to make their own choices, and this has had a massive impact. This is why Buddhism is very popular now. I figure whatever the ultimate looks like, someone who has lived a good life to the best of their abilities gets a pass ☺️

So, we haven't lost morals, we just have a much more developed and less judgemental way of thinking.